Pose Photos were taken from straight ahead, square with the wall.  The other photo was taken straight in-line with the face.  All photos were taken from the same distance and height to give the best representation of each pose.

The Yellow numbers & letters are the pose ID number.  A WP in front of D#L/R indicates a Wall Pedestal mount, which costs about $100 more than a Standard shoulder mount. D#L indicates a left turn, D#R indicates a right turn, & D#S indicates a deer facing straight ahead. When choosing a turn, consider where it will be displayed and pick the pose that will turn into the room or viewing space.  If any of the turn options work for your space, you can choose a pose and let me pick the best turn to show off your rack. I pick the ear positioning based on the natural position that best compliments your deer’s rack and pose, unless specified by client. Habitat scenes cost extra and is not included in the standard mount cost.