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Awards & Accolades

  • Minnesota State Taxidermist of the Year
  • 2 Time National Champion
  • 12 Time plus Multi-State Masters Division State Champion
  • 2 Time Minnesota Judges Choice Master’s Best of Show
  • 3 Time South Dakota Best All Around Taxidermist
  • Many top deer, elk, & bear awards
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Why Choose Outdoor Addictions?

  • Custom Taxidermy
  • Award-winning, professional quality
  • Quick turn-around time
  • High quality commercial tanning
  • Competitive pricing
  • Life-like looking mounts
  • Anatomically accurate forms and high-quality components

Pricing & Turnaround Times

  • It’s far better to check out the quality vs. just price alone.  As you’re going to want to be happy with your choice in taxidermy work for years to come.  Its best to be looking at high quality taxidermy when done correctly for the rest of your life, even being passed on to your family one day.  Versus regretting not spending the extra money now and getting back a bad mount!    Every year we end up redoing even mounts a couple months old, which ends up costing even more had they come to me in the first place. Outdoor Addictions Taxidermy is happy to set up a payment plan for any sized job.
  • For European and antler mounts price options see bottom of Skull, Antler, & Misc. gallery page.  Typical turnaround time for beetle cleaned whitened bear and deer skulls are 2-3 months typically if they degrease well.   Camo dipped & some other large skulls will take 4-9 months typically.
  • Bird mounts typically take 15-24 months.  They are done in conjunction with another major award-winning master bird taxidermist.
  • Please call (218) 280-3401 and ask for our current prices and turnaround time for fish, deer & game heads, and life size will vary but has been 8-18 months last couple seasons.Timeline may change even after what you are told due amount of work that may show up that season.  Along with unseen delays at the tannery, supply chain, and Shipping delays.   Due to the ever hanging and often large increases in supply and shipping costs the last few years.  We reserve the right to change the price even after a contract is signed most notably for large life-size but not just limited to them only, should this occur, you will be notified and asked if you want to proceed with project.  So far this hasn’t occurred, but it could in the future.
  • All turnaround times are only an estimated timeline, and may change without notice in some instances.

Hours of Operation

  • Mon-Thurs 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Fri 8:45 am to 4-5:00 pm
  • Extended hours during hunting bear and deer seasons
  • Evenings and weekends possibly by appointment
  • Out of town customers it is good to call or text to double check if I’ll be around any given day in case, I may be closed for some reason before you drive to my studio.


  • Please call (218) 280-3401 and ask what our current prices are.
  • Typical turnaround for a European mount is about 2-3 months
  • For fish, deer heads and game heads the typical turn-around is 4-6 months; varies depending on amount of work that comes in.

Hours of Operation

  • Mon-Thurs 8:45-5:30
  • Fri 8:45-4 to 5:30
  • Extended hours during hunting seasons
  • Evenings and weekends by appointment